Whipped Cream marijuana strain is an Indica dominant cannabis strain. This kush was created by The Fire Department companies. buy grams of weed online, buy legal weed online USA. Whipped Cream nuggs boast a subtle aroma of cream and diesel. The buds can be harvested after a 55-60-day flowering period. buy grams of weed online, buy legal weed online USA. Whipped Cream buds are recommended for SOG and SCROG cultivation method. This strain can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Good for daytime use. buy grams of weed online, buy legal weed online USA

Type of High

Whipped Cream marijuana strain induces a moderate head high, boosts appetite and mood, and alleviates stress and anxiety, followed by moderate sedation. Whipped Cream provides pain control. buy grams of weed online, buy legal weed online USA.


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Whipped Cream marijuana strain