Tangelo Rapido marijuana strain is an Indica dominant strain that was created by the professionals at Barneys Farm. , Order kush online USA,order marijuana online USA,order weed online USA,.This herb is a treat for smokers who love citrus flavors and aromas. Tangelo Rapido weed plants flower for 67-70 days. They produce up to 25-50 grams per plant. Tangelo Rapido is perfect for beginners due to its low 12-15% THC levels. Tangelo Rapido marijuana strain is good for evening time use. , Order kush online USA,order marijuana online USA,order weed online USA,


Breeder: Barneys Farm. Genetics: Tangelo Rapido marijuana strain is a cross between Tangerine 13 and Ruderalis, Order kush online USA,order marijuana online USA,order weed online USA,


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Tangelo Rapido marijuana strain