Special Kush #1 marijuana strain by Royal Queen is a pure Indica with THC ranging from 14-17%. Special Kush #1 weed strain is a cross between Afghani and Kush marijuana strains. Buy Marijuana online USA. Buds are small and tight, covered in frosty decadence. It tastes like hash, while the smells is skunky and earthy with notes of sweet berry. Buds are green with purple undertones and sticky resin. This strain is ideal for evening usage.Buy Marijuana online USA

Type of High

Special Kush #1 marijuana strain has a total body stone thanks to its strongly present Indica genes, though it does start with a clear and energetic feel.

Medical Benefits of the Special Kush Strain

Special Kush weed has a great variety of useful medical benefits. Many of these benefits are thanks to the incredibly pleasant and uplifting sensations that you experience for the first few hours of this high. Therefore, people frequently use Special Kush to try and treat issues arising from depression, anxiety, and undue stress.

The other significant medical benefit of the Special Kush strain is its ability to send you into a deep, almost immoveable sleep. Falling asleep very suddenly and extremely deeply might be seen as a bad thing by a lot of people. However, for those that struggle to fall asleep at all, it can be considered a miracle.Buy Marijuana online USA

For those that struggle to fall asleep at all, it can be considered a miracle.

For people with insomnia or any condition that makes falling asleep almost impossible, Special Kush is a fantastic strain with many possibilities. Buy marijuana online.

Furthermore, this strain induces that beautiful sensation of intense hunger known as the munchies. So, keep this strain on hand if you are struggling with eating properly.

Of course, there are always going to be a few problems with any strain. With every valuable medical benefit, there are sometimes going to be a few problems as well.Buy Marijuana online USA

Special Kush #1