Mega Jackpot marijuana strain

Mega Jackpot is a sativa-leaning hybrid that takes advantage of its legendary genetics. This larger than life strain is a cross between stoney Northern Lights, tasty Jack Herer, and sativa staple Haze. These popular varieties combine to create a bud that’s useful for crushing stress as well as stimulating creativity. Mega Jackpot is especially memorable for its sweet and fruity aroma. This strain is consistently found to have high levels of THC, testing at between 20% and 25%. Buy Mega Jackpot online

Mega Jackpot’s flowers set themselves apart right away with their relatively large size. These thick buds have an elongated, almost cylindrical shape and a pronounced sativa-type bud structure. The piecey, fluffy leaves cling loosely to their central stems. The leaves themselves are a mossy shade of green, although phenotypes of this strain frequently boast vivid patches of purple. Buy Mega Jackpot marijuana online

Although a true jackpot requires players to hit triple cherries or lemons on their slot machine, Mega Jackpot offers a much wider array of fruity options. When properly cured, Mega Jackpot’s buds burst with tangy notes of berry and grape. On closer inspection, there are also some hints of vanilla. Meanwhile, grinding up or picking apart these fluffy buds reveals some of the herbal, sage-like characteristics that will be familiar to fans of Haze. When combusted, Mega Jackpot burns with a smooth and palatable smoke that tastes like vanilla and fruit on the exhale. Buy Mega Jackpot online

Buy Mega Jackpot online

The high from Mega Jackpot hits quickly, smacking users with a pressure in the upper face. As well as a tendency toward increased salivation. Some changes in sensory perception, like seeing more vivid colors, may happen subtly without seeming disorienting. Smokers are likely to be struck by a suddenly fast-paced, freely-associative way of thinking. Certain thoughts and ideas may occupy more attention than they otherwise might. Unlike some more pure sativas, though, Mega Jackpot allows its consumers to remain lucid and functional, able to carry on conversations or tackle a mountain of work. This bud also makes a good accompaniment to all sorts of activities, from taking a long walk to cleaning the house. Buy Mega Jackpot online

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Some slight physical relaxation creeps in as the high progresses, bringing any buzzy, high-flying minds back down to earth. Though they may be relieved of muscular tension and able to breathe more deeply, consumers won’t necessarily be incapacitated by these soothing effects. Instead, Mega Jackpot’s combination of mental and physical stimulation is good for activities that involve both, including exercising, dancing, and in the right setting, sex. This strain is as enjoyable for mellow solo use as it is for boisterous social settings.

Mega Jackpot’s versatile effects can have applications for medical cannabis patients as well. It can aid focus for patients with attention deficit disorders. The strain may also temporarily improve the symptoms of stress and depression. Some subtle physical effects might numb aches and pains. Whether they’re temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, resulting from conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis. Mega Jackpot can also have an anti-inflammatory effect on common irritations like headaches and indigestion. Buy Mega Jackpot  online

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Mega Jackpot marijuana strain