Jock Horror marijuana strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid - 70% Sativa / 30% Indica THC: 24%

 This popular medical selection is a cross of the California-bred Haze 19, an Afghan Skunk, and the legendary Northern Lights. Jock Horror's name is a play on the famed pro-marijuana advocate Jack Herer (also the name of a popular sativa). Also, like that strain, Jock Horror is sativa-dominant. More so, this powerful choice packs a major wallop, with THC concentrations that can reach 24% - among the highest levels in the world. CBD. Buy jock horror marijuana strain online .  On the other hand, is scarce, making up less than 1% of this strain. The Jock Horror high is decidedly cerebral, with deep relaxation and powerful euphoria, plus a boost of creativity that makes this strain perfect for artistic patients. Side effects may include cottonmouth and paranoia, while red eyes are also possible. The best medical uses for this strain include depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, though it can also be somewhat helpful with insomnia and nausea. Jock Horror has a unique chestnut smell and tastes of lemons and honey.Buy  marijuana strain online

Buy jock horror marijuana strain

Its father was a Northern Lights plant, but it got its skunk heritage from its mother. A Haze 19 that was crossed with Skunk #1. Its lineage is modeled on that of Jack Herer. Also,  like Jack Herer, Jock Horror is a Sativa-dominant strain. Its taste is fruity, and it produces primarily cerebral effects.Buy jock horror marijuana strain online

The strong psychoactive effects of the strain are often exhilarating and make it good for daytime use.

Many growers have cultivated it successfully indoors. Outdoors, Also, it can reach a height of over 10 feet. Nirvana recommends growing these plants in organic soil. Taking up to 11 weeks to be ready for harvest, the strain can finish in as little as nine and is usually ready in October outdoors. More so, It can do well in a Sea of Green where it can produce up to 500 grams per square meter. The THC count of Jock Horror can reach as high as 24%. Buy jock horror marijuana strain online


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Jock Horror strain