G14 marijuana

Hybrid - 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 18%, CBD: 1%

G-14 is a powerful Indica dominant hybrid that belongs to the variety type 'G. Also, most tokers rate it as an A grade strain due to its excellent taste and results. Buy marijuana weed online . More so, the strain has a flowering time ranging from eight to nine weeks and produces a medium yield of about 400g/m2 to 550g/m2. Further more, the plant has a height of about 40cm to 80cm and produces dense looking buds. That are a silverfish green color. It has a THC level of about 18 percent and a CBD level of 0.9 percent. It has a nice fruity and floral smell that makes it a pleasant strain to smoke. The G-14 has a strong floral taste that resembles the Kush marijuana strain. It produces a strong body and head buzz that lasts for quite a while. Its cerebral effects are calming and energizing. These effects make this strain perfect for treating depression, stress and anxiety. It soothes stressed nerves and gently alleviates the symptoms of depression, making you feel peaceful and happy. You can also use it for curing a variety of pains, including backaches. Buy marijuana weed online

 Buy marijuana weed online

G14 is the most stable strain in our catalog. we focused on trying to improve the original Lowryder lineage.  While preserving its finest qualities: quick blooming times, and a stout, compact form perfect for discreet growing. Also, it is ideal for urban gardening,  G14 is a survivor, and it show. Buy marijuana weed online

Legend has it that the CIA bred this mythical variety at the University of Mississippi, where the US government grew all its marijuana for decades. Unfortunately, we know today that's not true. However, our G14  can trace their genetic lineage back to the not-so-clandestine American lab. We're proud to make this urban legend a reality. Buy marijuana weed online

Relaxation is G14's most prominent effect. It's an amazing mid-day strain perfect to relax with after work. The effects are so tranquil that one member of the Fast Buds team nicknamed it the "strain of peace." The relaxation rarely veers into sedate, couch lock territory, instead, staying even throughout the experience, making this variety great for social occasions. Buy marijuana weed online

How It Grows

Unfazed by weather and neglectful watering, G14 seeds are the perfect choice for beginners. Our G14 strain is an indica dominant hybrid, the result of crossing two Lowryder strains with a G13 Hash Plant. This is a plant for the stealth grower first and foremost. Following germination, it rapidly springs into action and begins flowering around the fourth week. Buy marijuana weed online

The G13 yield is excellent, providing 400-500 g / m2 indoor(1.2 pounds per light) and 70 to 250 g per plant outdoor (2.4 – 9 oz).  This kind of efficiency is appropriate for amateur as well as expert growers who wish to grow specimens with a high success rate and exemplary performance. Buy marijuana online .Buy weed online, Buy cannabis oil online,Buy 420 online UK, Buy kush online,Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping,Mail order marijuana,420 store online,Buy cheap marijuana online, Order marijuana online, Order weed online, Buy marijuana online UK, Buy marijuana online USA, Buy marijuana online Australia, Buy marijuana online Canada, Buy high THC cannabis oil online, 100% guarantee delivery,Buy cannabis oil online .Buy Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil Online,Buy Ringo's Gift CO2 Cartridge Online,Buy Blue Dream Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridge Online,THC oil for sale,Hemp oil for sale,Hash oil for sale,Hemp CBD oil,Marijuana oil for sale,Cannabis oil cures cancer,Buy CBD oil Online,Where to buy cannabis oil Online.Mail order Marijuana online with worldwide shipping, Mail order marijuana online USA

G14 marijuana