Clockwork Orange weed is a hybrid strain. Described as their 'holy grail plant,' it was bred selectively over a six-year period. The buds of this strain have a bright orange color and possess a very earthy taste. It produces some euphoric cerebral effects, but the high is mostly Indica in nature. Users have reported an extremely powerful yet numbing body high. For this reason, Clockwork Orange is not recommended for anyone with a heart condition.

The strain's cerebral effect can be good for relieving stress, anxiety, and chronic depression. Primarily, Clockwork Orange is prescribed for people living with chronic aches and pain.

Clockwork Orange's genetics are a mystery. Matt Riot got it as a cut from a guy near Temecula, California, who supposedly told him two things. First, the plant was an experiment with colchicines. Second, it was a mutant from a pack of Alaskan Ice. While neither of these statements are confirmed, the original strain did have large leaves with a distinctive crinkle pattern.

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Clockwork Orange weed