Himalayan Gold Marijuana

Hailing from one of the most beautiful and complex areas of the world, Himalayan Gold by Green House Seeds lives up to its name at every turn. Bred from crossing Nepalese Sativa and North Indian Indica, this beautiful strain gives users the feeling they are floating on crisp mountain air. Buy Himalayan Gold online  .

The Himalayas are known for more than just Everest; in fact, they are home to numerous cannabis strains adored the world over. With THC levels at 25% on average and CBD content ranging between 1% and 2%, Himalayan Gold offers users an exceptional combination of head and body engagement.Buy Himalayan Gold online

This plant produces incredibly large, fluffy buds which are dark green and brown in color with a palette chalk full of citrus fruit aromas and flavors. Also, This lemony bubblegum flavored bud hits on all of the senses with its spicy notes and gorgeous coloring. It’s soft to the touch and if you listen closely, you can actually hear your heart breaking from its perfection. Buy Himalayan Gold online

Buy Himalayan Gold online

Himalayan Gold will take your mind on an energizing and creative journey through the skies high. Above mountain peaks while keeping your body grounded and relaxed. While the sativa effects are up there, users can expect more of a cerebral flighty high rather than a strong body buzz. So expect to be more fluid than rooted. There’s no chance of couch lock here, as these long-lasting effects hit in slow waves. That come throughout the day, making this a perfect wake and bake bud. Buy Himalayan Gold online

Users love this strain because of its universal applications. Also, due to its mood-boosting effects, it’s great for treatment of depression, stress, bipolar, and other mood disorders.  More so, As it is a stimulant people also find great relief from constipation, nausea, and lack of appetite. Furthermore , Some have even used this strain as an aphrodisiac. Other more common uses are for immediate relief of pain, inflammation, and hypertension. Buy Himalayan Gold Marijuana

No need for a vaporizer as this strain is a smooth smoke with robust flavors and aromas you’d like to bottle and wear like cologne. Also, the happy and heady high and light body tingle give this West Asian breed a uniquely bold high without weighing you down. More so, because of its relatively subtle body effects and its mellow inhale, Himalayan Gold is an ideal bud for new users. Buy Himalayan Gold marijuana online


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Buy Himalayan Gold marijuana online