Debunking 5 Cannabis Stock Images

Updated: May 12, 2019

Businesses and media outlets often turn to stock photography collections when trying to populate a piece of cannabis-related content with an image. A high quality, professionally produced photograph can be a fantastic way to add to a piece of written content to help drive a narrative or fill out the details of a story.

However, many of these images are misleading, and as a result of their widespread use misconceptions of cannabis are perpetuated and spread to readers. It’s important to present the correct image and information of cannabis, especially because there are still so many questions about it and its many benefits.

n theory, the idea of using freshly harvested cannabis flowers neatly bundled into a bouquet sounds fun. Considering the rise in popularity of cannabis friendly (even cannabis-themed) weddings, it would make sense that instead of flowers, the bride would toss a bundle of colas into a crowd of eager hopefuls. Unfortunately, the reality of this scenario would be a bit, well, sticky.

Unlike a classical floral arrangement that would be used in a traditional bouquet, ripe and ready-to-harvest cannabis flowers are dripping with sticky, resinous trichomes. These little milky gland heads cover the surface of both flowers and sugar leaves. Thousands upon thousands of miniature capsules of sticky resin are waiting to explode upon even the slightest contact. With each trichome comes a mix of rich and pungent aromas along with a sticky residue that can be compared to a mild tree sap.

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